So You Want To Be A Coach!

  • So You Want To Be A Coach!

    Many individuals decide that they would like to coach but are unaware of what is involved to become a coach. Sullivan West would like to encourage interested individuals to get involved. Please refer to the attached New York State Education page for the regulations and requirements to become a coach and feel free to contact our athletic office for assistance as well:

    Coaching License

    A temporary coaching license is issued based on employment as a coach in a school where a certified and qualified coach is not available, at the request of the district, and based upon completion of approved pre-service or in-service courses. A certified individual is not issued a temporary coaching license and should contact the athletic director of the school at which there is a vacancy for further information.

    The requirements for a temporary coaching license are below:

    1. An initial temporary coaching license requires completion of CPR and one of the following first aid courses: First Aid: Responding to Emergencies, or Sports Injury: Emergency First Aid Care and Prevention (given by American Red Cross); First Aid for Coaches; or a first aid course approved by the Division of Physical Education. One must also be fingerprinted and have taken D.A.S.A., the Mandated Reporter Course as well as the School Violence Prevention Course. (Both of which can be located on line)

    2. The third renewal (4th year) of a temporary coaching license requires enrollment in or completion of an approved course in Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics. The course must be completed before the license can be renewed.

    Individuals, where certified and qualified coaches are not available, must submit applications for temporary coaching licenses to BOCES and on line in a timely manner, as coaches must be licensed before the beginning of the specific coaching season. Copies of the documentation of requirement completion must accompany each application, along with the fee required by law; and the application must be completed in full. Otherwise, a delay in the receipt of these materials could prevent processing the application before the season commences.

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