• We are required by regulation and law, to ensure that every effort is made to support students through the resources available within the regular education program prior to consideration for a referral to special education. We have instituted the following procedure to ensure compliance with this mandate.


    Step 1: When a student is experiencing difficulty in meeting educational expectations, the first step is a parent/teacher conference.


    Step 2: The teacher can refer the student to the building level Instructional Support Team (IST) to brainstorm/discuss strategies with the team to address concerns and steps to remediate. The IST produces a written pre-referral strategies plan with agreed upon assessment and evaluation timelines. This plan is reviewed, as needed, to monitor student’s progress.


    Step 3: If the student continues to experience difficulty after all levels of support/documentation have been attempted, and a disability is suspected, the following process occurs:

    -An Initial Referral to the Committee on Special Education (CSE)
    -An individual evaluation is completed
    -A determination is made by the CSE regarding eligibility for services
    - An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed
    - An Annual Review is conducted to assess progress and determine

    program for the following year

    - A Re-Evaluation is conducted every three years