• 8th Grade Social Studies

    Unit 1- Reconstruction - - Study Guide

    Important People, Terms, and Places (know what it is and its significance)





    Radical Republicans




    Abraham Lincoln

    Andrew Johnson

    Wade-Davis Bill

    13th Amendment

    14th Amendment

    15th Amendment

    Military Reconstruction Act

    Freedman’s Bureau

    Black Codes

    Jim Crow Laws

    Poll taxes

    Literacy tests

    Grandfather Clause

    Election of 1876

    You should be able to answer the following:

    1. What was the purpose of Reconstruction?
    2. How did Andrew Johnson and Congress disagree over plans for Reconstruction?
    3. What rights did the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments give to United States Citizens?
    4. How did the Freedman’s Bureau help the former slaves?
    5. What was the purpose of Black Codes and Jim Crow Laws. Explain the difference between the two?
    6. Who were the scalawags and carpetbaggers?
    7. Why did the Radical Republicans impeach Andrew Johnson? How was he able to stay in office?
    8. How did Reconstruction end and what role did the Election of 1876 play in bringing this era to a close?

    Important Dates to Remember

    1865-   Civil War Ends

                Freedman’s Bureau Set Up

    1867-   Military Reconstruction Act

    1868-   14th Amendment

                Andrew Johnson Impeached

    1870-   15th Amendment

    1876-   Rutherford B. Hayes wins Election of 1876

    1877-   Reconstruction Ends