The Last Frontier

  • 8th Grade Social Studies Study Guide

    Unit 2- The Last Frontier

    Important People, Terms, and Places (know what it is and its significance)




    Transcontinental Railroad

    The Homestead Act



    Sitting Bull

    George A. Custer

    Open range

    Cattle drive






    Wounded Knee

    Little Big Horn

    Chief Joseph

    Dawes Act

    Fort Laramie Treaty

    Ghost Dance

    Helen Hunt Jackson

    Boom Town

    Ghost Towns





    You should be able to write an essay discussing the following:


    1. The effect mining and the railroads had on the development of the American West?
    2. The chronology of the Boomtown to Ghost town cycle.
    3. The effect the settlement of the frontier had on the Native American Populations of the west.
    4. The importance of the buffalo to the Native Americans
    5. The harsh life of the farmer on the western frontier and their attempts to survive
    6. Treaties made and broken with Native Americans and laws passed to speed the demise of their culture.

    Important Dates to Remember


    1849 -  California Gold Rush

    1851 – The Fort Laramie Treaty

    1859 -  The Comstock Lode

    1862 – The Homestead Act

    1869 – Transcontinental Railroad Completed

    1876 – Little Big Horn

    1877 – Flight of the Nez Perce         

    1887 – The Dawes Act

    1889 -  Oklahoma Land Rush

    1890 – Wounded Knee