An Age of Industry

  • 8th Grade Social Studies

    Unit 3-The Age of Industry Study Guide


    Important People, Terms, and Places (know what it is and its significance)


    Thomas Edison

    Alexander Graham Bell

    Henry Ford

    Wilbur and Orville Wright

    Assembly line




    Free Enterprise

    Andrew Carnegie

    John D. Rockefeller

    Collective bargaining



    Knights of Labor

    American Federation of Labor

    Terence Powderly

    The Haymarket Riot

    The Pullman Strike

    Mass Production


    The Sherman Anti Trust Act




    You should be able to write an essay discussing the following:


    1. How the inventions of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, and others changed life in America
    2. The Effect The Railroads had on the development of other industries such as oil, steel, and coal.
    3. The rapid growth of cities and the problems created by urbanization
    4. The growth of big business and the role played by Captains of Industry/Robber Barons like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller
    5. The growth of organized labor and the differences between the Knights of Labor and the American Federation of Labor
    6. How the workplace changed during this period and the conditions workers faced.


    Important Dates to Remember


    1854 – Bessemer Process developed

    1859 – Charles Darwin write “The Origin of Species”

    1867 – Alfred Nobel Produces Dynamite

    1869 – Workers organize the Knights of Labor

    1876 – Alexander Graham Bell invents Telephone

    1879 – Edison invents incandescent bulb

    1882 – Rockefeller forms Standard Oil

    1883 – First Skyscraper built in Chicago(over ten stories)

    1886 – The Haymarket Riot, American Federation of Labor formed

    1890 – The Sherman Anti-Trust Act

    1893 – The Pullman Strike

    1903 – Wrights make first powered flight

    1908 – Henry Ford mass produces Model T