A Nation of Immigrants

  • 8th Grade Social Studies Study Guide

    Unit 4-A Nation of Immigrants


    Important People, Terms, and Places (know what it is and its significance)


    Old Immigrants

    New Immigrants

    Ellis Island

    Angel Island





    Chinese Exclusion Act

    Gentlemen’s Agreement

    Quota System

    Potato Famine

    Push Factors

    Pull Factors















    You should be able to write an essay discussing the following:


    1. Compare and contrast the old and new immigrants
    2. The immigrant experience coming to and living in America
    3. The Nativist movement and efforts to keep immigrants out of America
    4. Compare the problems immigrants of the 1800s faced with the problems that today’s immigrants face
    5. Compare the efforts of the nativists in the 1800s with modern anti-immigration proponents.

    Important Dates to Remember


    1846 – Irish Potato famine

    1862 – The Homestead Act encourages naturalization

    1882 – The Chinese Exclusion Act

    1891 – Bureau of Immigration is Established

    1892 – Ellis Island Replaces Castle garden as immigrant processing center

    1907 – The Gentlemen’s Agreement

    1924 – National Origins Act establishes a discriminatory quota system