An Age of Reform

  • 8th Grade Social Studies Study Guide

    Unit 5-  An Age of Reform


    Important People, Terms, and Places (know what it is and its significance)


    Civil service

    Gilded Age






    Theodore Roosevelt

    Susan B Anthony


    William Howard Taft

    Jane Addams

    Woodrow Wilson

    Carrie Chapman Catt


    Ida Tarbell

    Frances Willard

    Upton Sinclair



    Lucretia Mott

    Carrie Nation

    Jacob Riis

    Booker T Washington

    W.E.B Dubois

    Robert LaFollette

    The Progressive Party

    16th Amendment

    Spoils System

    Thomas Nast


    You should be able to write an essay discussing the following:


    1. What were political reforms of the period that increased “direct” democracy?


    2. The progressive policies of Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson.  How did they expand the power of the federal government?


    3. The role of the Muckrakers in creating change in America


    4. Summarize the other reform movements of the Progressive era.


    5. What was the impact of the Progressive Movement on women and blacks?


    6. Compare and contrast the beliefs of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B Dubois


    Important Dates to Remember


    1848 – Declaration of Sentiments written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    1874 – Woman’s Christian Temperance Union formed.

    1889 – Jane Addams founds Hull House

    1890 – Jacob Riis publishes “How the Other Half Lives”

    1895 – Anti Saloon League founded

    1904 – Ida Tarbell publishes “The History of Standard Oil”

    1906 – Upton Sinclair publishes “The Jungle”

    1906 – Meat Inspection Act and Pure Food and Drug Act passed

    1909 – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People founded. (NAACP)

    1913 – 16th Amendment passed

    1914 – Clayton Anti-Trust Act passed

    1919 – 18th Amendment passed (prohibition)

    1920 – 19th Amendment passed (women’s suffrage)