The 1920's

  • 8th Grade Social Studies Study Guide

    Unit 8 – The 1920’s


    Important People, Terms, and Places (know what it is and its significance)


    Warren G. Harding

    Ku Klux Klan

    Red Scare

    A. Mitchell Palmer

    Jazz Age

    Marcus Garvey

    Harlem Renaissance

    Langston Hughs




    Calvin Coolidge

    Scopes Trial

    Sacco and Vanzetti

    Herbert Hoover

    F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Installment buying



    Charles Chaplin


    Ernest Hemingway

    Louis Armstrong

    Babe Ruth

    The Lost Generation

    Amelia Earhart



    You should be able to write an essay discussing the following:


    How isolationism and fear of communism affected United States foreign and domestic policy

    The effect fads and new technologies and industries, ( automobiles, radio, movies) had on Americans

    How writers of the “Lost Generation” depicted the evils and excesses of American society

    How the development of the Harlem Renaissance celebrated a rebirth of African American culture

    The ways that America celebrated different heroes such as Linbergh, Ruth, Bobby Jones, etc….

    The effect prohibition had on American society


    Important Dates to Remember


    1919- 18th Amendment (Prohibition)

    1920 – 19th Amendment ( Woman’s Suffrage)

                 Warren G. Harding elected (Return to Normalcy)

                 First commercial radio station begins broadcasting

    1923 – Teapot Dome Scandal

                Harding dies in office, Vice President Calvin Coolidge becomes President

    1924 – Immigration Quota Act

    1925 – Fitzgerald publishes The Great Gatsby

    1927 – Sacco and Vanzetti executed

                First Talkie – The Jazz Singer

                Charles Lindbergh makes first nonstop trans-Atlantic flight

    1929 – Stock Market Crashes