Computer Account Information

  • 1. Student Computer Accounts – Your general student account lets you log on to any computer in the school. Typically, but not always, your username is the first 3 letters of you first name and your last name. 


    2. Classlink Launchpad – In order to simplify all this account information, Sullivan West uses Classlink for Single Sign-On (SSO). The following accounts can be accessed through Classlink:

    1. Schoology 
    2. Office 365/OneDrive 
    3. i-Ready
    4. Castle Learning
    5. BrainPOP

    Classlink can be accessed through a link on the school website, or through the direct link:

    Your Classlink login is that same username and password used to get on school computers.


     3. Student Email – Student email is hosted through Office 365. To receive emails, use:

    Replace username with your general school username, the one that gets you onto the computers. School email can be accessed through the Outlook App in Office 365.


    4. Office 365-to ease the log in process for Office 365, we simplified your email address

    THIS “EMAIL” IS FOR LOGGING IN TO OFFICE 365 ONLY. Emails will not be received if this email address is used. The password is the same one that gets you on to the computers, into classlink, etc.

     Adapted from a resource provided by Katelyn Kelly

  • Free Software Downloads for Home Use

    Microsoft Office – Log on to Office 365. Find the Install Office button at the top, right corner of the screen. Follow the instructions.