When enabled by the district, the Contact Verification Form allows custodial Guardians to update their student’s contacts online.

    Online Contact Verifications allow parents to provide up-to-the-minute contact information, eliminating the need for paper forms to be manually entered into the student management system.

    Contact Verification can either be available as an option, or parents can be forced to verify contact information before accessing student information. When enforced, the Contact Verification Form will open automatically. Once the form is completed by at least one household guardian, parents are no longer forced to update the information; however, contact information as necessary throughout the year.

    Select your student's name or ID to access their profile:


    Select the Contact Verification button to open the Contact Verification form. 


    1. In the Student Information section, add/update the student’s Cell Phone.
    2. In the Household Information section, update the Household Phone. Click Update All Linked Records to update the Home Phone record for all contacts (Guardian, Household Member, and Emergency Contact) who have the Household Phone as their Home Phone. (Linked records display a Lock icon C:\Users\pmartin\Pictures\Icons\Reset Password.jpg to the left of the applicable phone number.)
    3. In the Guardian Information section, update the Contact Priority. Contact priority is used to determine the guardian who should be called first, second, third, etc. Phone priority defines the first phone number to call for each contact. For example, contact Dad first, and try his personal cell phone first, then try his work phone number if you cannot reach him on his personal cell.


    1. The Emergency Contact Information section, add/delete/update emergency contact information. Select the Child Pick checkbox to indicate the emergency contact is also authorized to pick the student up from school.


    1. In the Physician Information section, add/delete/update physician information. 


    1. Employer Information is optional. Use the red check to delete the section entirely, if desired. 


    1. In the Additional Information section, add/update any additional information requested by the district. When finished, select Verify to submit the verified contact information; the changed records are automatically updated in eSchoolData.