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    Reading Fiction

    Mrs. Humleker

    Reading Non-Fiction
                            Text Structure Notes

    How will we be flipping in our 6th grade classroom?

    We will flip in several different ways:

    Video Lessons:  These are lessons taught within a video format.  Students have the ability to watch lessons and take notes at their own pace. They can stop and rewind as much as is needed in order to absorb the material given.

    This is when students watch videos IN the classroom and complete all corresponding assignments.

    Flipped Homework
    This is when students watch video lessons for homework and complete all corresponding assignments at home. Students will then come to school prepared to work on material from knowledge gained doing the video lesson.

    Please Click here! to see a video which will help you gain a better understanding of flipped learning and check out the infographic below.

    Flipped Classroom