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    Students will explore the middle ages and determine what object from our  modern world would have the greatest impact on the people of the Middle Ages if it were taken back to them.



    First, your team must gain as much knowledge about the people of the Middle Ages and their living conditions as possible.  Each member of your team will visit the assigned websites and respond to the assigned questions.

    Second, with the knowledge you  have gained from your site visits your team will meet and analyze the data.  You will agree on an object or idea that you would take back to the Middle Ages and then write a persuasive essay citing your reasons for your choice in order to persuade your audience that your choice is the best one.



    Each team member will visit the following sites:






    Print out the following questions and record your responses as you visit the sites.

    1.     What period of time preceded the Middle Ages and what time period came after the Middle Ages?

    2.     What did the peasants eat?  What type of food did the nobility eat?  What was the dining experience like?

    3.     What were peasants clothes like?  What did the wealthy wear?

    4.     What were peasants’ homes like and how did they differ from wealthy homes?

    5.     What was childhood like for peasants and the nobility?

    6.     What was marriage like?  What were the differences between the peasants and nobility?  What was the typical age that people of each class become engaged?

    7.     What kind of entertainment and recreation did each class enjoy?

    8.     What medical knowledge did they have?  What were some contributing factors to the spread of disease?

    9.     Where did the Bubonic Plague strike and where?  How many people died?  What did the people think was the cause of the plague?  What did they do to treat the disease?

    10.  What role did religion have in society?  What were some reasons that people chose to be nuns and priests?

    Team members will work together and analyze information from their site visits.

    As a team discuss the following questions:  What was life “really” like in the Middle Ages?  What were some positive aspects of living in the Middle Ages?  What were some drawbacks?  What information or modern invention could we share with the people of the Middle Ages that would have the most impact on their lives?

    Your team will choose one idea or object to share with the Middle Ages and each person on the team will write their own persuasive essay stating and defending their position on this topic.




    Middle Ages WebQuest

    Name: _______________________________



    Exemplary - 20 Pts
    Accomplished - 15 Pt
    Developing - 10 Pts
    Beginning - 5 Pts
    Focused Topic Clearly defines topic and gives several examples to support position States the topic and gives a few examples to support position Briefly mentions a topic but doesn't support it Topic wanders and does not define one clear point of view
    Utilizes Websites Uses and refers to several of the suggested sites to support opinion Uses several sites to support position Uses only one site to support postion Does not use any of the information in websites
    Adds details to support position Uses and cites details to support position Uses several details to support position Gives only one detail to support position Does not give any details
    Conventions &  Understanding 1-2 - Errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation are few and do not interfere with understanding. 3-5 Errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation are few and do not interfere with understanding. More than 5 errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation and do interfere with understanding. More than 7 errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation and do interfere with understanding throughout much of the essay.
    Well-organized Clearly stated topic, follows logical sequence Has some topic sentences and is sequential Only has one topic sentence and sequence is confusing Has no topic sentence and has no logical sequence