A little about Mrs. Krentz

  • Winter Concert 2014 Photo by Meg Armstrong

    I am a PK-12 Music teacher with the Sullivan West Central School District located in Lake Huntington and Jeffersonville, New York. I have taught in the Sullivan West Central School District (and former Jeff-Youngsville CSD) since 1991. I am a graduate of Orange County Community College with an Associates in the Arts degree specializing in Vocal Music, Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Music Education degree specializing in N-12 General and N-12 Vocal Music, and Western Connecticut State University with a Master's of Science in Music Education with emphasis in Choral Studies, Conducting, and Music History. Currently completing coursework towards a Certificate of Advanced Study - Master's in Educational Leadership SBL/SDL with SUNY New Paltz. Proud recipient of National Who's Who Among American Teachers, national recognition as School District in Best Communities in Music Education. My hobbies include hiking and geology (let's go looking for rocks!). I love helping students reach their potential. I have had the opportunity to mentor college students, student teachers and young teachers in the field of education. I work in conjunction with state and private colleges in providing observation field experience as well as student teaching placements for Music Ed majors.