Working Papers

  • Students may stop in the Health office to pick up the working papers packet or print the forms from the link below.  Please make sure to have the correct form for the type of work you will be applying for.


    Please bring the following documents with you: 

    • Completed working papers Form. (AT-17 or AT-22 depending on type of job you are applying for.) 
    • Completed Certificate of Physical. (If you had a physical done within the last year by the school physician, please see the school nurse to sign the Certificate of Physical form.  If physical was not done by the Sullivan West School doctor, please have your doctor date, stamp, and sign the Certificate of Physical form.) 
    • Evidence of Age (Birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, or other acceptable documents)


    Student must appear in person to sign working papers permit.


    Parent/guardian must appear at the school to sign the application for the first certificate for full-time employment, unless the minor is a graduate of a four-year high school and presents evidence thereof.  For all other certificates, the parent or guardian must sign the application, but need not appear in person to do so.




  • During the regular school year all employment permits are issued and processed daily in the Health Office by Mrs. Manzi 845-932-8401 x1122 

    During the summer vacation (July & August), please contact Mrs. Sevanna Fadis in the Main Office 845-932-8401 x1101