Welcome to Music!

  •  NAMM Award 2022

    Sullivan West is proud to announce that we have reached national recognition again this year for our outstanding community for Music Education. Sullivan West prides itself on educating the whole child, allowing them to create, collaborate, communicate and critically think. We believe in getting our students ready for the 21st century!


    Our children take part in a variety of activities in Music.


    The program is designed to help your child develop musical skill and to know and appreciate many different styles of music. Our goal is to build upon acquiring the basic ideas of melody, harmony, rhythm, form, style, and expression. We meet our goals by creating, composing, critically thinking, and through collaboration. 


    Singing activities include songs from our American folk tradition, songs from many different parts of the world, patriotic and holiday songs, and songs that are part of the music activities in which your child takes part. Your child will listen to music written in many styles and will play simple instruments. Movement and technology are also part of our program.


    We can reinforce what your child is learning in the school music program in several ways. We can listen to music together. We can attend school and community concerts. You may also wish to take out recordings from the local libraries. Ask your child to tell you about some of the music class activities. In this way, music class can be extended into your home.

    See us on twitter: Mrs. Krentz, PK-12 Sullivan West


    Please feel free to visit during Meet the Teacher night, or any of our scheduled conference times, and concerts throughout the year. Ideas to share? Questions? Interested in volunteering? Give a call! Please feel free to contact me. I am your child's Music teacher and your musical resource.


    Grade 3 on the move!


    To contact Mrs. Krentz: 


    Email: KrentzMic@swcsd.org


    Phone: 932-8401  x1277 for High School. (AM hours) 

                482-4610  x2217 for Elementary School. (PM hours)