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    Mrs. Tampone's Third Grade Class!


    Mrs. Tampone's Class


    In Math, we are working on addition, subtraction, place value, and problem solving.  In October we will be working on multiplication facts.  Your child will need to memorize the facts. There are great websites in my math links that your child can use to study the multiplication facts in a fun game like way.  

    The Math units for the year are:


    • Operations and Algebraic thinking
    • Multiplication/Division facts
    • Addition/Subtraction to thousands place
    • Place Value to thousands place
    • Rounding and estimating sums and differences 
    • Graphing-reading and creating line plots, bar graphs, and pictographs
    • Geometry-2D & 3D shapes, quadrilaterals, lines, angles
    • Measurement-customary measures of length and metric units(length, mass, volume) Time and Money-identify time accurately, elapsed time, counting money, making change
    • Fractions-identifying, equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, partition shapes into fractional parts, unit fractions



    Reading Workshop

    We will be reading and discussing many wonderful stories.  It will be like belonging book club where we read, think about, and discuss the stories we are reading.  We will be talking about author's purpose, characters, setting, and plot.  We will be reading nonfiction books to discover information about the people and the world around us.  Your child will be reading a book for guided reading and another book of his/her choice.  In addition to reading in class, Your child will be reading at home each night. 

    Reading Skills:  (for more detailed information on these skills, click on the parent information link on the sidebar and then click on reading strategies)


    • identify main idea and supporting details
    • sequencing
    • fact and opinion
    • compare and contrast
    • make inferences
    • prediction
    • character and setting
    • reality vs. fantasy
    • author's purpose/message
    • nonfiction text features
    • visual information



    Writing Workshop


    In writing we are working on restating the question in the answer, writing complete sentences, and writing basic paragraphs. We will be thinking about the stories we have read and writing our thoughts and ideas about the stories in our response journals or on graphic organizers. As the year progresses, we will be writing narratives, opinion pieces,  biography reports, friendly letters, poetry, and a rain forest animal report.


    Word Study: Spelling/Phonics/Language Skills


    The weekly spelling lists are a big part of the phonics program.  It is important that your child review the spelling patterns and rules as he/she studies nightly for the spelling test.   InSchoology, your child has a spelling folder where you can access the weekly spelling list. There is a link on this site to all the spelling lists if the copy sent home on Fridays is misplaced or you need another copy of the words to keep at another household or at the sitters.  In addition, there is also a link to the weekly spelling words search homework.  Click on spelling in the sidebar for more information.

    In language we are working on sentences.



    In science we are working on the scientific method and the weather unit.

    Social Studies


    We will be working on map skills and types of communities around the world. We are learning about the continents and different countries around the world.  We will be reading fictional stories from around the world and learning about the countries these stories are based on.


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