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Kindergarten & Pre-Kindergarten Registration Information

Sullivan West Central School District
Kindergarten & Pre-Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten registration/screening will be held at the SW Elementary campus on May 8th and 9th and prekindergarten
screening will be held on May 15th and 16th. Please call Mrs. Flynn at 845-482-4610 ext. 2158 to make an appointment and provide this information:
• For kindergarten your child needs to be 5-years old by December 1, 2017;
• For pre-kindergarten your child need to be 4-years old by September 5, 2017;
• Child’s name;
• Date of birth;
• Parent/guardians names;
• Mailing address;
• Phone number
After the appointment is made, a packet of information will be mailed to you to complete and return at registration