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October 17, 2018 BOE Highlights

October 17, 2018 Board of Ed Highlights

  • The District Auditor provided an Independent Audit Presentation to the Board and public. The Board accepted the Independent Audit Report and recommendations from the Audit Finance Committee.
  • The Board adopted the following policies, as recommended by the Superintendent and Policy Committee: 3150 School Volunteers (Revised); 5551 Allocation of Title 1, Part A Funds (New); 5640 Smoking/Tobacco Use (Revised); 6220 Temporary Personnel (Revised); 7221 Participation in Graduation Ceremonies & Activities (New) and 7222 Credential Options for Students with Disabilities (Revised).  The policies are attached below.  
  • The Board recognized our Sullivan West Standouts and some of our students for their outstanding achievements:
    • Sullivan West Standouts: Nancy Neumann, Heather Grund and Bethany Bingay.
    • W!se Blue Star recipients for their outstanding performance on the W!se Financial Literacy Certification Test: Kelsie Maurizzio, Grace Godwin, Chad Mercado, Mackenzie Ripley, Ronnie Gorr, Morgan Kraack and Kevin O’Connor.
    • Teacher Sheri Meyer for her outstanding work in leading her students to excellent achievement on the W!se Financial Literacy Certification Test.
    • Camille Sensiba in recognition of her outstanding academic achievement and receipt of a Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program.
  • The Board approved agreements with Made Manifest to design, develop and implement educational environments; Relph Benefit Advisors to provide brokerage and consulting services to the District, Transportation Advisory Services for a bid/RFP development proposal for student transportation services and an agreement with Liberty CSD and Eldred CSD to merge our Modified and Varsity Wrestling teams.
  • The Board appointed several new members to our team and created the position of Director of Facilities II. 
  • The Board approved winter coaches and other extra-curricular positions for the 2018-2019 school year.  The list of positions is attached below.
  • The Board approved more volunteers for the 2018-2019 school year.  The list of approved volunteers is attached below.


3150 Policy5551 Policy5640 Policy6220 Policy7221 Policy7222 Policy

Extra Curricular Positions 18-19

Volunteer List