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Sullivan West Standout, Lisa Moran, District Technical Data Specialist!

I am very pleased to announce and recognize this week's Sullivan West Standout, Lisa Moran, the District's Technical Data Specialist.  Congratulations and great job, Lisa!

Since 2007, Lisa Moran has been a part of our team in Sullivan West, beginning as a substitute in a variety of areas - cafeteria, teacher, and secretary.  As Lisa states, she "...was hired part-time, that became full-time, and here I am!"  As the District's Technical Data Specialist, Lisa manages all of the data related to our students, conducts regular reviews, and ensures that the information is properly and accurately reported to the New York State Education Department as required.  In addition, she oversees the District's K12 Alert system, making sure that faculty, staff and parents are well-informed about upcoming events and weather-related scheduling changes.  

However, it is another part of her work that Lisa says she enjoys the most.  "I love my job being the Central Registrar for the District.  I get a chance to meet the kids and their parents and to hear their stories.  Some are going through a difficult time, and others are sharing wonderful news - purchasing homes, new job opportunities in our area.  We are happy to welcome all of them."  As the District's Central Registrar, Lisa is one of the first members of our District who parents and students get to interact with, and she is always excited to share the wonderful things about the District with our newest registrants.  "I'm very pro-Sullivan West.  I get a chance to talk to parents and students about all the good points of our District, and what we have to offer our students."  

Keep up the great work, Lisa!