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November 27, 2018 Board of Education Highlights

November 27, 2018 Board of Education Highlights

  • Mr. Walker & Dr. Bressler presented to the Board and public the Student Academic Achievement Forum.  Mr. Walker presented the Student Enrollment Forum information and Mr. Tranchina presented the School Facilities Forum. 
  • The Board received updates from the Strategic Planning Committee, Facilities Needs Committee and a summary of the resolutions proposed and adopted at the New York State School Boards Association Convention in October. 
  • The Board adopted a resolution recognizing our School Related Professionals for their tremendous impact on the success of our students and staff. 
  • The Board recognized and presented certificates to our Sullivan West Standouts and some of our students for their outstanding achievements: 
    • Sullivan West Standouts: Catherine Hillriegel, Lisa Moran and Amy Favre. The members of the Board were also presented with certificates for their dedication and commitment to our District, signed by the Superintendent and members of the student body.
    • Our Fall Sports Athletes: The Varsity Girls' Soccer Team : Sage Aviles, Sam Becker, Caitlin Brockner, Tallula Gann, Greta Hauschild, Sydney Hermann, Jenna Kratz, Corinne Laarmann, Kristen Lebron, Josephine Martinez, Isabel Nearing, Gillian Rapp, Kayla Schock, Kara Spath, Arieon Frazier, Maggie Russell, Emily Bair, Clare Hart, Jessica Schwalb.  Bryce Maopolski was recognized for his excellent performance as a member of the Cross Country Team this season.  
    • Chanlyn O’Sullivan received a certificate for her outstanding performance in representing our District at the 2018 Area All-State Music Festival. 
  • The Board appointed several new members to our team including Nicholas Tranchina as the Director of Facilities II. 
  • The Board approved winter coaches for basketball and indoor track.

 Please visit the Board of Education website to review the full agenda.    

Academic Achievement Presentation

Facilities Forum Presentation

Student Enrollment Presentation