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Sullivan West Standouts Assistant Principals Scott Haberli and Kevin Carbone

In honor of National Assistant Principals' Week, it is my privilege to thank and recognize our Sullivan West Standouts for this week, Scott Haberli and Kevin Carbone.  Please join me in thanking and congratulating both of these Standouts for their leadership and hard work.  Congratulations, Kevin and Scott!

Being an Assistant Principal can be a demanding, challenging and sometimes thankless job.  That makes it even more wonderful that our District has two outstanding Assistant Principals in Mr. Kevin Carbone and Mr. Scott Haberli.

Mr. Carbone is completing his 3rd year in our District as the Assistant Principal at the Elementary School.  Prior to joining our team, Kevin taught General Science to 7th and 8th Grade students in the Middletown School District for 14 years.  Kevin describes a typical day as an Assistant Principal as "unpredictable", but his focus is to get a chance to greet and interact with as many students as possible.  "The most rewarding part of my job is the students knowing that they can come and work their problems out with me.  At the end of the day, no matter what is happening, the most important thing is the students."  

Mr. Carbone can typically be found moving throughout the school, and spending time with students during lunch and recess.  His calm demeanor and flexible approach are keys to helping him be an effective leader in the Elementary School.  When he's not at work, Kevin is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys coaching his son's sports teams and spending time with his family.  

Congratulations and thank you, Mr. Carbone!

Kevin Carbone

Mr. Haberli is has been a valuable member of our School District community for many years, dating back to his time spent as Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Director in Narrowsburg from 1993-2002.  Scott then became Principal at a neighboring district before returning to our District as Assistant Principal at the High School before the 2008-2009 school year.  He describes the highlight of his work to be "...when the work you do reveals itself in a good way, when students achieve success due to the support that you provide for them.  Sometimes the work also involves seeing the things that don't go so well, and going back to the drawing board and fixing things.  That is very satisfying."

It is clear that Mr. Haberli's energy and dedication are devoted to helping the students of the High School find their way during a complicated time in their young lives.  "I have a blast being the halls, talking with kids, doing good things for kids."  When Scott is not at the High School, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Joann, and their 4 children, one of whom is following in Scott's footsteps and becoming an educator.  He also enjoys golf, fishing, coaching and volunteering.

Congratulations and keep up the great work, Mr. Haberli!