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May 23, 2019 Board of Education Highlights

May 23, 2019 Board of Education Highlights

  • Elementary students Arianna Kautz and Gracyn Halloran received certificates for their contribution and participation of the Senate’s Earth Day poster contest and celebration.


  • Sullivan West Standouts Linda Hubert and Panava Markao were also recognized for their outstanding efforts and dedication to our students.


  • Mr. Parisi presented the new PRIDE Program, which will replace the AIMS policy. Pride stands for Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence. This new program is designed to raise our standards by identifying all students that are failing any subject, improve communication between parents, students and teachers, promote greater collaboration and build positive relationships, simplify the process of earning back eligibility for sports and extra-curricular activities and encourage students to take initiative in their own academic performance.


  • Four students who attended the French Club trip abroad shared pictures and stories of their trip. They thanked the Board for providing them with this opportunity and experiences they will remember.


  • Jenna Kratz talked to the Board about her service project in the Girl’s bathrooms at the High School. Jenna spent long hours painting beautiful murals above the mirrors to empower young women and help build confidence.


  • There was a public hearing on the Preliminary Smart Schools Investment Plan. The Board then adopted the Investment Plan to upgrade infrastructure and add technology hardware, specifically high-tech security features throughout our Elementary and High School buildings.


  • The Board accepted the annual District Budget vote and election results from May 21, 2019. The budget vote passed thanks to the support of our community. Congratulations to our three re-elected board members: Mrs. Joyce-Turner, Mrs. Gaebel and Mr. Cohen.


  • Mrs. Chellis provided the Board with an update of the Policy Committee meeting on May 9, 2019. The Board then adopted two revised policies: 5411 Procurement of Goods and Services and 5681 School Safety Plan.


  • Mrs. Joyce-Turner provided the Board with an update of the Mid-Hudson School Study Council’s annual dinner and awards ceremony on May 2, 2019.


  • The Board extended the appointment of the Superintendent to June 30, 2023 and approved his contract.


  • The Board approved the Memorandum of Agreement with the WSUT Union to create the position of Instructional Technology Facilitator.


  • Two Memorandums of Agreement were approved with the School Related Professionals Unit and Administrators and Supervisors Associations for the 2019 summer work hours.


  • The Board appointed 2019-20 fall coaching positions.


Please visit the Board of Education website to review the full agenda.

Smart Schools Investment Plan

Procurement of Goods and Services Policy

School Safety Plan Policy