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Sullivan West Standout Ann Marie Jones, Teacher's Aide

It is a pleasure to recognize our newest Sullivan West Standout and our first Standout for 2020, Ann Marie Jones.  Congratulations, Mrs. Jones!

Ann Marie Jones, or "Jonesy" as she is affectionately referred, has been a Teacher's Aide at the Elementary School for the past 25 years.  During that time, she has worked with students at almost every grade level in the School, and according to her, she has "...probably worn just about every hat there is to wear in this building."  Ann Marie supports the students and faculty of the Elementary School in a variety of ways, from making copies and ensuring that classroom materials are organized, to greeting and supervising students as they arrive each day and in the hallways.  Mrs. Jones does her work with a great affection for the children, for the people she works with, and with a sense of humor that is truly unforgettable.  "It's like home," Ann Marie shared about working at SWE.  "It's wonderful to feel like you fit in, and that you're a part of something."

Elementary School Principal Mr. Rod McLaughlin shared that "Mrs. Jones is fun to be around, creative, helpful and a loyal friend. There are countless students who have wandered into the copy room with a broken doll or stuffed animals needing a stitch or two and Mrs. Jones is always able to help, putting a smile back on a sad face. Mrs. Jones has positively affected thousands of young people’s lives over the years and many of those students return years later to SWE just to give her a hug or tell her thank you."  Assistant Principal Mr. Kevin Carbone stated, "Mrs. Jones always puts the best interest of the students first and truly cares about their development here as it translates to their growth into adults of our community."  

An avid reader, Ann Marie loves reading realistic fiction works, particularly James Patterson.  She also enjoys spending time with her granddaughter, her husband and her dog.  

Congratulations and thank you for your great work, Ann Marie!