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Sullivan West Standout Shannon Henke Elementary School Aide

It is a pleasure to introduce and recognize our first Sullivan West Standout of the 2020-2021 school year, Shannon Henke!  Shannon is an Aide at the Elementary School.  Congratulations, Shannon!

Both before and during the pandemic-related closure of schools, Shannon Henke has been a fixture in support of anything and everything that our schools need to function well.  From facilitating laptop sign-outs and locker clean-outs to front desk support, creating student cohort lists, assisting with technology issues and now supporting students who lack Internet access, Shannon can "do it all", and she does so with a positive and solution-focused approach.  "I love the atmosphere.  These are great people to work with, and the kids are great.  Everyone, even when they're stressed out, has a great attitude," Shannon shared.  

 As a J-Y graduate, Shannon has a long history in our District, and began working for the District as a Part-Time Aide in 2018.  This year, Shannon was appointed to a full-time Aide position.  She has also recently earned her Master's Degree in Educational Technology and Secondary Education, and New York State certification as an Educational Technology Specialist.  Last year, Shannon began work on developing a District-wide series of computer coding experiences for our students, and that work will continue into this school year as well.  

 Elementary School Principal Rod McLaughlin shared that Shannon " a wonderful person who brings many skills and abilities to the table.  She has a strong attention to detail, is professional and caring in her nature and gives a full effort in all she does. Ms. Henke’s greatest strength is her attitude, which is always positive and genuine."  Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services Dr. Kathleen Bressler said about Shannon, "Ms. Henke is always willing to lend a helping hand to students, teachers, parents, and administration. She has been the smiling face for parents when they come after school for latchkey pickup and this summer helped out greeting parents and staff coming into the building. Her calm, quiet demeanor puts us all at ease. Her passion for learning more and advancing herself while working speaks to her dedication to the profession of working in schools."


When she's not playing such a valuable role in our schools, Shannon enjoys gardening, and shared that she has a green thumb, "sometimes".  Congratulations and thank you for your hard work, Shannon!

Shannon H