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Sullivan West Standout John Ogozalek High School Social Studies Teacher

It is a privilege to recognize our newest Sullivan West Standout, John Ogozalek.  Congratulations, John!


For the past 33 years, John Ogozalek, or "Mr. O", has been a fixture in the Social Studies Department in our schools.  During that time, he has taught a wide range of courses, including Participation in Government and Economics, to thousands of our communities' young people.  Oftentimes, Mr. O teaches the Seniors at our High School, and he reflected that it " exciting, a little bit nerve-wracking, to see students go out into the world.  I think it's a challenging time for students to enter the world, but we work to make sure that they are ready.  I couldn't ask for a better group of students to work with."


Even with all of his teaching experience, Mr. O remains a learner himself.  He shared that his favorite part about his job is "...talking to people - students, my colleagues, and learning new things.  A lot of people know a lot of things that I don't.  And it is great to laugh with them."  He also reflected on the challenges involved in re-opening our school buildings during the current pandemic, and shared that it was one of the toughest things that he has seen in his teaching career.  

John o


When he's not in his classroom, Mr. O devotes time to the Upper Delaware Council as part of a citizens committee to give advice to the National Park Service about the River Corridor.  In fact, Mr. O was recently honored with a Special Recognition Award from the Council for his outstanding work in advancing their cause.  


Congratulations and thank you for your outstanding work, John!