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August 18, 2021 Board of Education Meeting Highlights

Superintendent Walker presented the September 2021 Opening Update, please CLICK HERE to view the power point and Dr. Bressler provided a Summer Learning Across Sullivan West presentation, to view the slideshow CLICK HERE

Mrs. Meckle provided the Board with an update of the Contingency Planning Committee meeting on August 16, 2021. The Board approved the District-Wide Safety Plan for the 2021-2022 school year, which is on the District website and may be accessed HERE.  

The Board approved Business & Finance items as a consent agenda, which included the approval of the Treasurer's report, stipend for substitute personnel, increased the cafeteria and meal prices, approved the agreement with the Sheriff's Office for School Resource Officers, excessed materials and equipment and gratefully accepted donations from Mr. Howard Fuchs and Rose and Kiernan. The Board also approved the 2021-2022 non-resident tuition rates. 

Mrs. Poston shared with the Board and community that all meals, breakfast and lunch, are free to all students this school year. The District will still require the application for free and reduced lunch to be completed and returned for future funding purposes. 

The District welcomed new members to our Bulldog team: Roxanne Gouldner, English Teacher; Eileen Krom, Speech-Language Pathologist; Food Service Helper Megan Curry. Brandy Snedeker and Delphine Hoch are returning as Full-Time Teacher Aides. 

The Board accepted resignations from Patrick Miraglia, English Teacher; Shannon Henke, Teaching Assistant; Angela Jamieson, Teacher Aide and Adam Waldman, Teacher Aide. 

The Board approved the list of substitute personnel for the school year; extracurricular list for sports and after school clubs and appointment of Latchkey/Childcare Attendants. 

Please visit the Board of Education website to view the full agenda and attachments. The meeting is also shared on the District's YouTube page. The Board will hold a Special meeting on August 26 and the next regular meeting is scheduled for September 22.