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September 22, 2021 Board of Education Meeting Highlights

September 22, 2021 Board of Education Meeting Highlights
The Board introduced Dylan Sager, Student Board Member. Mrs. Gaebel provided the Board with an update of the Sullivan County School Boards Association meeting held on September 20, 2021. 
Mrs. Joyce-Turner was designated as the Voting Delegate for the NYS School Boards Association annual business meeting and the Board voted for John Burns as the Area 9 Director. 
The Board recognized Landon Bauernfeind as the Elementary Student of the Month in June and Sullivan West Standout Michael McKeen, Cleaner. 
Superintendent Walker shared the ARP ESSER presentation and discussed the parent/community response and proposed plans for funding. To view the presentation please CLICK HERE
The Board approved various Business and Finance items as a consent agenda, which included the Treasurer's reports, budget transfer, accepted a grant for the High School District-Wide Art Show, excessed equipment and materials and appointed Dr. Amarjit Gill as the School Physician. 
The Board appointed Nicole Foster as a Part-Time Food Service Helper, approved the execution of Memorandums of Agreement with the WSUT Union, Skyler Musa and Helene Chappell. Angela Jamieson was appointed as the Latchkey/Childcare Coordinator. The Board accepted the resignations from Mrs. Kosteczko, High School English Teacher and Ms. Reichmann, Food Service Helper. 
Please visit the Board of Education website to review the full agenda and attachments. The next Board meeting is scheduled for October 21, 2021.