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Congratulations Sullivan West Standout Peg Vogler

   Please join me in congratulating our January Sullivan West Standout Peg Vogler!  Mrs. Vogler has worked for the past six years as a part-time aide. Her main assignment is monitoring the gym entrance to the MSHS after school. However, you can find her actively filling in wherever she is needed, in the main office, guidance office, or even covering classrooms. Her nominee put it best “ can see Peg here anytime from 7am to 8pm. She can be seen in the main office in our concession stand, volunteering!!! She never asks for anything but gives of her time and heart always”. Administration added that Mrs. Vogler has a great sense of humor, and she never misses an opportunity to say a few words, especially at Mr. Haberli’s expense.  


      Previously Mrs. Vogler worked for over 40 years at the hospital. This is her second career, and it has allowed her to work in the district with her daughter, Mrs. O’Sullivan, her daughter-in-law, Mrs. J. Vogler, and to see her grandchildren over the years, two recent graduates Chanlyn and Tyler, and two, still in school, Kayleigh and Raegan. In her spare time, whenever she’s not at Sullivan West,  she enjoys cooking.  


      Congratulating Peg! We thank you for all you do at Sullivan West!