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Congratulations Sullivan West Standout Dawn Sedlack

Mrs. Sedlack has worked in the district for 34 years. She originally was a Jeff-Youngsville teacher and continued to teach in the building after the merger. Mrs. Sedlack is one of the first Standouts this year to be nominated by her students who wrote me a letter stating “Mrs. Sedlack is an amazing teacher”.  Her colleagues also reported that Mrs. Sedlack has always been a passionate, dedicated teacher to the students, parents and staff.  She has worked tirelessly as both a classroom teacher and as an AIS math teacher.  She is innovative, a forward thinker, and willing to go out of her comfort zone for the good of the students and the needs of our district.”

   In speaking with Mrs. Sedlack, she stated that she loves the students and working with her colleagues. She enjoyed being a co-teacher and she enjoys working on math AIS with Mrs. Mullally. In her spare time, she spends time with her family, her husband and son Michael. She also enjoys being outside.   When asked what she will be doing upon retirement, she stated she would like to come back to sub. True dedication! 

Congratulations Dawn! We appreciate all that you do!