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Congratulations Sullivan West Standout Kathy Hector

Please join me in congratulating our March Sullivan West Standout, Mrs. Hector! 

Her nomination read:   “Mrs. Hector is exceptional.  She stops whatever she is doing to get the right book into the right reader’s hands---whether it’s a student or a teacher looking for material to use in their classroom.  She handles all of the preK - 6th grade library classes, trying to instill a life-long love of reading while also teaching “library skills.”  In addition to all the classes, she handles all the back-end, out of sight tasks like shelving hundreds of books every day so the library is a welcoming environment for every student and so that materials can be found in the right places.  If a teacher wants to use a title SW doesn’t have, Mrs. Hector reaches out to other libraries to find the book.   Mrs. Hector doesn’t believe students should be limited to a library visit once every 6 days in an A-F cycle---her library doors are always open, before classes begin, at the end of the day before buses leave, during lunch and recess---I’ve even seen her accommodate eager readers while she has a different class in the library. Thanks for considering Mrs. Hector as an upcoming Sullivan West Standout.  She won’t like having the spotlight on her, but she deserves it.”  


Mrs. Hector has worked in the district for 22 years. She started as a Teaching Assistant sub in Narrowsburg and began working in the library in the mid 2000’s. She worked with a couple of Librarians and then Michelle Musetti took her under her wing in the position she holds today. Mrs. Hector said she did not start out loving reading until she found the right book. In her spare time, she reads books our students are interested in so she can recommend them to the right reader. And when she does not have a book in her hand, she enjoys spending time with her family. 

Thank you for all you have done for Sullivan West Kathy. Congratulations on this recognition!